Do you know that quality of Korean apple is superior and

delicious than any other country in the world?

The apple trees need a rest, and it can rest in winter in Korea.

The weather should be clear without rain when the

flowers bloom, and get enough sunlight when the fruits

grow and ripen. So 4 seasons in Korea give the apple

tree perfect environment. Apple helps to excrete overtaken

salt when we eat meat, and is helpful for diet due to its fiber.

How lucky that we can easily get apples from our neighborhood!

57kcal / 100g


Homer the Greek historian praised its sweet and fresh taste

so he called it “God’s gift”. Pear is very juicy and sweet so

people loves pear throughout 3000 years. Pear is good for

bronchus, prevents constipation, helps diet with its low calory.

Also pear tenderizes the meat. If you get cold, then have boiled

pear with jujube, bellflower root, and honey, you’ll be better soon.

51kcal / 100g